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When it comes to choosing your broadband provider, it can be daunting when faced with terms such as hyperfast and gigabit, especially when you are not 100% sure what this all means.  We have put together some answers to a few frequently asked questions regarding hyperfast broadband, so that hopefully these terms no longer seem alien and you can choose your provider with knowledge and confidence!

What is Hyperfast Broadband?

Hyperfast broadband can achieve download speeds of at least 500Mbps reaching up to 1Gbps.  This is where terms such as gigabit broadband come into play. These terms have both been used in conjunction in the past, but gigabit usually refers to these speeds of 1Gbps and above. In simple terms the numbers indicate the speed of the connection, it goes in tiers. Standard, high speed, superfast, ultrafast and then hyperfast or gigabit, so this means hyperfast and gigabit speeds, are the best of the bunch!

You may also hear the term full fibre, these services are only rolled out to specific areas as availability can be quite limited.  However, here at ITSFibre we are constantly rolling out this high-speed broadband to new locations so that everyone can enjoy hyperfast broadband speeds, wherever they may be situated (just speak to our team today to see if we cover your area).

How Does it Work?

When all you want to know is how it works, all the jargon can be a bit frustrating!  Our broadband is faster than the traditional broadband. We can deliver these faster broadband speeds because our fibre is connected all the way to the premises, rather than part of the connection being sent through a copper line.  It can sound confusing, but our way of connecting fibre broadband to your home or business means that there are no disruptions along the way.  Think of it like you are presented with two cups of tea. One has been left to brew and is a nice caramel colour, in the other the tea bag has been taken out too early leaving it watery.  We know which one we’d choose… p.s. We like our tea strong!

Do I Need it?

Well, we can’t decide that for you, but let us explain why we think that you do.  For fast downloads, multiple device connections, video calls, smooth streaming and low ping, hyperfast broadband is the way to go!  Most households today are constantly using multiple devices.  Do you have phones and smart speakers connected, while a game is also downloading on a console? Or your employees are constantly playing the dinosaur game when the internet has disconnected? For an untroubled performance, hyperfast broadband is a must for both residential and business usage alike.

We understand that you still may have some questions about hyperfast broadband and how this can benefit your household or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members. We are always happy to help with any questions about our services, call us today on 01603 904047 or go to the contact us page on www.itsfibre.co.uk



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