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We have all been told one way or another that full fibre broadband is the way forward, we certainly are always letting everyone know! But what sometimes fails to be communicated is why these faster broadband speeds are beneficial to your day to day home life. Well look no further as we have answered this question below, read on to find out what full fibre broadband can improve in your home. 

Higher quality streaming:

Picture this, you’ve just finished a long shift at work, you are finally settling down to watch that film you’ve been thinking about all day, you turn on the television, select the film, put your feet up to find that the film is… blurry! Now picture a world where this never happens to you again, you can enjoy that film in the best quality possible. Streaming platforms often have 4K options and will automatically show you the best quality depending on your connection speed so having a faster connection will never not be to your advantage when streaming.

Video calls with no lagging, finally!:

With working from home playing such a big part in many people’s lives it is essential to have a connection where you can confidently join a meeting with no worries that you will lagg. Well full fibre broadband connection will do just that! Everyone will be able to see and hear you clearly, but unfortunately this of course means that you won’t be able to use lagging out as an excuse to end the call anymore! 

More devices connected at once:

In today’s day and age it is rare that you will be in a household with only 1 device running. With phones, smart tvs, smart speakers, Ipads, laptops there are always multiple devices on the go at once. Especially with a family, there will always be multiple devices connected to your internet so having a connection that you can rely upon to keep your household connected is a must, it will stop all of the complaining.

Faster download/upload speeds:

No more watching your computer struggle to upload a file, full fibre broadband means that larger files upload much quicker which will really make a difference to your productivity. For all the gamers out there downloading a game has never been faster, so you no longer have to sit there and stare as your game downloads at a snail’s pace. You will be immersed in the gaming world in no time!

Saving on energy bills?:

Another bonus of bringing full fibre to your home is that it also benefits the planet. A full fibre network is one of the most energy efficient broadband types you can get. Without getting too technical it saves on energy bills because it has less active elements in different locations, also known as points of presence. Less energy is used, resulting in your energy bills costing less, a win win for all.

If these reasons have not got you fully committed then contact a member of our expert team today on 01603 904047 and we can talk you through why upgrading to full fibre broadband is the right move for your home! 



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